Briquetting Machine - Make your waste material into briquettes

Published: 13th April 2011
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Briquetting is the process where the chosen raw material is compressed under high pressure. Waste materials can become valuable secondary raw materials once they are briquetted. The machines convert powdery or granular material into larger size for the convenience of transportation and use. There are different types of briquetting machines and systems which are designed to reduce the volume of waste materials like wood, paper, plastics, metals, and so on. The machine has the features of rational structure, stable performance and low energy consumption.

Some advantages of Briqueting machines are

Rugged construction

Low wear

Low electrical load relative to briquette capacity

Reduced costs of handling and shipping

Owing to small dimensions, connection to working machines possible

Metal briquetting presses are specifically designed for making maximum use of metal waste like cast iron, aluminum, copper, steel, brass, zinc, bronze, titanium, magnesium, as well different variety of other machining scraps. Metal brequetting machines are of different sizes corresponding to the different diameters and different output by weight.

They can also be used to separate steel fines from non-ferrous metals and even used to make cylindrical or square briquettes.

During the process there are chances of metal scraps getting contaminated with the microscopic ferrous particles which come from the tooling. On the type of metal scraps and how it is used in briquetting machine a hopper must be equipied to feed the machine correctly. The machines use very high pressures to reduce the volume of chipped or ground materials into a high density solid briquette.

Biomass briquette machines are used to produce high quality and good density fuel briquettes from agro-forestry waste like wood chips, sawdust, wheat straw, rice husk and other biomass material. Biomass Briquetting can be defined as the process of converting low bulk density biomass into high density and energy concentrated fuel briquettes. It is an alternative conventional fuels at any thermal applications in various industries like: Ceramic Industries, Solvent Extraction Plant, Dyeing Units, Food processing Industries, Textile Unit, Lamination Industries, Brick making units, Refractory Industries, Chemical Industries, Milk plant, Vegetable plants, Leather industries, Rubber Industries etc.

Advantages of Biomass Briquetting are

: It is a substitute of firewood as fuel (it is40% more efficient, longer burning, and hotter)

: Save trees and avoids problems like soil erosion and deforestation to an extend by providing an alternative to burning wood for heating and cooking.

: Helps to improve health by providing a cleaner burning fuel.

The most beneficial of using Briquettes is that we can used as a fuel for energy has shown very promising results and there are chances it replaces coal based heat producing systems and furnaces permanently.

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